Rebekah's Bio!

Rebekah Marie Albright


It all started out for me when I was a young child. My family and I went to a program at my school. All I can really remember about it was the guys playing the bongos and congas. The seed of passion was planted at that moment. The drums were going to be my instrument of choice. As I got a little older I started to listening to as much music as possible, only christian though. My Father was a pastor, so most of my childhood had to do with church and religion. While we were living in Texas my dad would play church with us and we had some kid cymbals and little drums. I cant remember ever having sticks so I'm pretty sure I used pencils. It was so much fun. I'll never forget it. We moved from Texas to Kansas where he took over a congregation. The people that turned it over to him had left an old drum set there. As soon as I laid eyes on them I ran to them and began playing. It came so natural to me. I had never taken lessons yet. But everything just felt so right. I started playing for church services and my brother and I began to take piano lessons. It wasn't really my thing because I couldn't pay attention long enough. I began listening and memorizing just to get through the lessons. It didn't help that our teacher was the most traditional, old fashioned, theoretical one out there. We moved around quite a bit until I was probably 10 years old. I landed in Illinois and the church we were going to had a great music department. Pretty much all gospel and old hymnal songs with a good beat put to it. I asked the pastor there if I could start playing on the platform. He was ok with it but the drummer at the time wasn't. To this day I still feel like he was intimidated! lol I got better and better and eventually I was playing more than him as he got older. I was in band all the way through middle school. I started out on the saxophone but I couldn't read music no matter how many after school practices I made. I told my teacher I wanted to be put in the percussion section. Everything began to work out. I played in Jazz band for all the concerts. Our favorite song was My Girl. So was everyones that came to the concert. We always got a standing ovation, thanks to the good parents and support. High School I tried to be in Concert band but there were too many people in the percussion section. So me and some friends I went to church with started a band called Lost and Found. We practiced as often as possible. Church camp and youth conventions we were always asked to play. We started out playing a lot of Third Day and then our lead guitarist started writing songs. And then life happened and we all kind of went our separate ways. In 2008 I started going to black hawk community college and took some music courses. Theory, Piano 101, Jazz Combos, all the basics. I realized that reading music was not my strong suit. My piano instructor heard me play in jazz combos and told be there was a band that may be needing a drummer. I contacted them, auditioned, and was told that they wanted me! So here I am now playing with Timespan! thanks, bekah


Thanks!.....ROCK ON!

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